And of course, these ways are applied to Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Of course, you can through restore Windows 10 system to get the Windows 10 back to the previously version to solve the problem. If you exit the new user account and return to use the original account, the Volume Control will stop working again. Right-click your mouse in the taskbar, and choose Task Manager. As a frequently used tool, it is located in the lower right corner of the taskbar, it is easy to be found.

So take a minute toverify your equipment is set upcorrectly and no cables are broken. You can also change the power plan settings if you continue to face the WiFi disconnection issue on Windows 11.

Method 2 Restart Windows Search Service

You should consider powering off and restarting the device to see if wifi isn’t working this could be the reason. Perhaps one of the most common reasons for your wireless headset’s continued disconnecting is due to damage to your headset.

Part 1 Why Apple Airpods Microphone Not Working?

Commonly, a house has around a dozen devices connected to the internet router. People do not think that the router has limited connection slots.

You really, really do not EVER want to check for Windows Updates. You will automatically become, essentially, a beta tester of them.

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