Traditionally, Turkmen wedding brides wear a red clothing that is studded with silver necklaces. She also has on a takhya, which is a headdress. Her scalp is stitched with egypt tyubeteika. These items are crucial to protect the girl from malignant spirits and to make her rich.

A bride’s dowry consists of clothes, carpets, items, and furniture. The groom’s family makes sense half of the woman price, which are often thousands of dollars. During the Soviet era, new bride rates were stopped.

Following marriage, the newlyweds move to live with the groom’s family. This is certainly a way to international dating for filipina women reinforce the family’s dating turkmenistan women an actual and to enhance contact with one another. It is also believed the new partner is laundered in a stream by friends.

Turkmen wedding customs include a series of games. These include semah and ellik. The bride and groom happen to be anticipated to produce a kid within the initially year of marriage. They are also expected to knuckle down for family.

The wedding retraite is certainly decorated with colored kerchiefs. The bride can be accompanied by her friends, who all hold a small bridle made of weaved color cale over her shawl. She is prohibited to walk on the ground in which blood is actually spilt.

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The formal procedure includes a mullah, who conducts the wedding service. After the marriage, a separate happening is held in the parents’ home. Furthermore to plov, a hot and spicy lamb soup is offered to friends.

Traditionally, Turkmen girls get married to much older men at a age. Nevertheless , today, some young women of all ages marry away from their tribes, which can be extremely tough for them.

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